Ohtomber Coffee Canister Storage Container - 22OZ Stainless Steel Airtight Coffee Bean Storage Grounds Container with Date Tracker & Measuring Scoop,Kitchen Food Container Jar for Cereal Sugar Tea

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About this item【Sturdy & Safe Materials】- Ohtomber coffee canister is made of fo

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  • 【Sturdy & Safe Materials】- Ohtomber coffee canister is made of food grade 304 stainless steel material, which is safe and sturdy, not easy to rust and be corroded. The coffee container has a good light and heat shielding effect, keeping freshness better. The double silicone sealing ring on the lids of coffee container are BPA free, which protects health and safety while isolating air and preventing oxidation of coffee beans and other food, making it a perfect food storage container with lid.
  • 【Effectively Maintain Freshness】- Ohtomber coffee bean storage jar has a locking design and a one-way venting valve, which effectively prevents air from entering the canister and automatically releases CO2 and water vapour from the coffee container, keeping the coffee beans in fresh condition. This airtight coffee canister has double silicone seals, which can effectively prevent air from entering and maintain the mellow taste of coffee to a large extent.
  • 【Date Tracking Design & Bonus Scoop】 - Our coffee jar storage container come with a date tracker and a coffee measuring scoop. The calendar date dial on the top of the lid makes it easy to keep track of the storage date or expiration date of the corresponding food item, as a way to make sure that your coffee hasn't expired and that you always have fresh coffee. In addition, the free stainless steel coffee scoop accessories can be easily hung on the side of the coffee jar for easy use.
  • 【Multiple Functions & Applications】- Ohtomber airtight vacuum coffee canister is versatile enough to store not only coffee beans and ground coffee but also a variety of other items that require protection from moisture to stay fresh, such as sugar, tea, nuts, cereals, spices, flour, snacks, and more. Our black coffee container for ground coffee, complements various kitchen countertop styles. It not only decorates your kitchen but also allows you to quickly find what you need.
  • 【The best gift】- Package comes with 1pc coffee grounds container, 4pcs replacement valve and 1pc 30ml coffee spoon. Affordable and versatile coffee container with scoop are the perfect indispensable tool for every coffee lovers and kitchen organizers. The airtight design of this canister makes it as suitable for use as a tea canister and sugar container. Elegantly designed coffee canister also make great gift for family and friends and perfect artwork for Christmas and Thanksgiving gifts.

As a coffee lover, have you been looking for a good airtight coffee container to preserve your coffee beans? As a storage expert, have you been looking for a high-quality food storage containers with lids to keep your ingredients or snacks properly?

Ohtomber coffee canister is specially designed for coffee lovers and is also a powerful assistant for kitchen storage. It is made of high quality 304 stainless steel materials and ensures the freshness of the coffee is maintained over time. The unique sealing design effectively prevents air, moisture and dirt from entering the container, so you can enjoy the original taste and flavour of your coffee and ingredients with every sip. In addition, Ohtomber coffee canister is especially suitable for travelling or outdoor activities. They are lightweight and portable, providing you with fresh food anytime and anywhere.

Let's find the perfect “home” for your coffee beans, food ingredients and snacks.

High Quality Material & Large Capacity: Ohtomber vacuum coffee canister with airtight lids is made of 304 stainless steel safety material and BPA-free double silicone rubber ring, safe and no smell, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, better preservation of freshness. This coffee ground canister holds 1.5LB/24oz ground, holds 1.4LB/22oz whole bean. We offer complimentary stainless steel coffee spoon which can be attached to the coffee canister.

Double Sealing: This coffee container is designed with a strong lock and a one-way venting valve to expel carbon dioxide while preventing air from entering, effectively maintaining the initial taste and flavour. The airtight design of this coffee canister makes it as suitable for use as a tea canister and sugar container.

Intelligent "Breather": The one-way exhaust valve of this coffee bean storage  balances the exchange of gases inside the coffee beans, not only effectively discharging the CO2 produced during the natural respiration of the coffee beans and avoiding excessive pressure inside the canister, but also blocking the entry of outside air and water vapour, so that each coffee bean can be kept in the best condition, ready to brew a perfect cup of coffee for you. CO2 valve allows freshly roasted coffee to degas while sealed in the canister.

Convenient and Practical: This coffee bean storage comes with a date-tracking time compass and a stainless steel 30ml measuring spoon, making it easy to hold and measure food as well as keep track of insurance dates.

The lid of the coffee bean container is equipped with a date recording ring, which is used to easily record the date of canning or roasting of coffee beans and powder, so that you can easily know the freshness of the coffee beans and calculate the number of days of storage. With it, you no longer need to worry about the coffee beans expired or spoiled, you can enjoy the rich coffee aroma and perfect taste.

4 Easy Steps to Replace CO2 Check Vent Valve

Step 1: Open the coffee grounds container and push out the old vent valve from the inside of the lid.Open & Push Out

Step 2: Take out the date recording disc and the old exhaust valve.Take Out All Parts

Step 3: Install the new exhaust valve.Install

Step 4: Assemble the date disc and finish. (Assemble & Finish)

Widely Used

Storage Types: coffee beans, ground coffee, sugar, loose tea, flour, nuts, cereals, spices, snacks, etc.

Use Scene: home, coffee shop, office, outdoor camping, etc.

Use: Organize and store food to prevent spoilage, or as a gift for friends and family

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