Ohtomber Tea Cup with Tea Infuser and lid for Loose Leaf Tea, 12oz Ceramic Tea Cup with Fine Mesh Tea Strainer, Wood Handle Loose Leaf Tea Steeper Coffee Mug, Tea Diffusers Filter Mug, Birthday Gifts…

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About this itemHigh-Grade Material: The Ohtomber tea cup is crafted from heavy t

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  • High-Grade Material: The Ohtomber tea cup is crafted from heavy textured ceramic that is fired at high temperatures to achieve long-lasting color. This tea mug with lid is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 180℃. The exterior of the tea cup features an artistically applied gradient turquoise glaze with a grainy texture, while the interior boasts a smooth, transparent glaze for easy observation of the tea's color. This tea cup with an infuser and lid is dishwasher safe.
  • Extra Fine Mesh Design - The fine mesh of this tea basket mug with infuser prevents the tiniest tea leaves from escaping into the cup, while allowing water to flow through easily. This loose leaf tea steeper is perfect for most loose teas, from delicate whites to fruit/mate teas, tea herbs, and even green teas with lots of tiny powdery bits. The large volume (compared to the metal tea balls) of the steeping cup allows the tea to infuse much more evenly and results in a more balanced tasting tea.
  • Multi-functional Mug - Put the loose tea into the filter to brew tea. Alternatively, remove the filter and use the ceramic cup for coffee, hot cocoa, other heated beverages, or water. Suitable for home or office use, the tea cup with infuser and lid keeps water hot for longer. The ceramic coffee mug basket and lid features a fine mesh for a slow drip, ensuring strong coffee.
  • Practical Design - The cup is made of ceramic with a wooden handle. The handle allows you to hold it comfortably without touching the mug, ensuring no more burnt fingers. The tea cup lid keeps your drink clean. The tea strainers for loose tea lid also holds in the heat while steeping. Additionally, the lid of the loose tea steeper doubles as a drip tray to catch water upon removal.
  • Tea Lovers' Gift Ideas - Its unique design and functionality make this tea cup the perfect gift for a housewarming, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, or Father's Day. It's a unique tea gift for tea lovers and an ideal present for both women and men. It will also delight coffee lovers. This mug can serve as a wonderful present for parents, teachers, or friends.

Whether you need a cup for morning coffee or tea, the Ohtomber gradient black-green ceramic mug has you covered. Durable and portable, this stoneware cup will stand the test of time. Keep it on hand for the family's morning coffee, or set it aside for guests who'll be sipping tea. This mug is a durable, stylish, and versatile piece. The 13-ounce cup is dishwasher safe, making it a dependable choice for warm beverages even on the busiest days.

Satisfying to drink

The Ohtomber coffee cup boasts a perfect shape and size for easy holding, and a comfortable weight suitable for all wrists. It is designed for a pleasant grip and enjoyable sipping experience. The cup offers ample space inside, making it versatile enough to serve as an iced coffee glass with plenty of room for ice.

The internal tea infuser of the mug is finely crafted to prevent coffee grounds from seeping into your drink. The coffee basket features a fine mesh that allows for a slow drip, resulting in a stronger brew. However, depending on how finely the coffee beans are ground, some sediment may accumulate at the bottom.

Whether you're enjoying a late-night latte or an early morning tea, the lid helps maintain the warmth of your beverage."

  • Use caution when handling hot water.
  • When the tea cup becomes a little dim inside, you can polish it gently with a silver polishing cloth or a little toothpaste. Alternatively, use baking soda dissolved in warm water to clean tea stains as needed. Then the coffee mug will be as shiny as originally.
  • We recommend that you fill the infuser and mug with water if you don't wash them immediately after use. Otherwise, your tea leaves will dry and stick to the mug and infuser, making them much harder to clean.
  • Before you simply pour hot water over your tea, consider the type of tea you’re brewing. Different types of tea have ideal brewing temperatures and steeping times that will yield the best flavor from that specific tea.
  • Carefully remove the tea cup lid when steeping tea with hot water, and never place the lid on the edge of the table to prevent breakage.

What about making tea on the go? The Ohtomber travel tea mug, with its built-in infuser and lid, is convenient for you. The cup features a tea steeper in the lid; all you need to do is place tea leaves into the infuser, pour hot water into the cup, and take it with you. This ceramic one-cup tea infuser is perfect for brewing all types of tea – green, oolong, or black.

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